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#ThisIsMe – be yourself, be authentic, be real

The Women of the Year Luncheon and Awards aims to celebrate and highlight positive female role models who provide inspiration to women across all areas of society and the business community, and this year we are starting the #ThisIsMe conversation.

We want to nullify stereotypes, challenge unrealistic body image expectations and fly in the face of social media idealisms. We want to advocate authenticity, remove the filters and celebrate real women.

It’s great to see people already getting involved in #ThisIsMe, including our keynote speaker, British actress Sally Lindsay.

We’re calling on all our women to use social media as a powerful platform to unite, support and empower each other, to harness self-love and to be yourself, be authentic, be real.

Come with us, take a self-worth selfie and join the #ThisIsMe conversation:
@women_oftheyear     @WomenoftheYearAwards     @womenoftheyearawards

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We are all inspired by someone. Who inspires you?

On 12th October 2018, we honour the achievements of exceptional women – both in the world of business and personal achievement.

Join our growing list of high profile achievers and make a nomination today and submit it too [email protected] whether it is for you or for someone you know.

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