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The Awards


Business Woman
of the Year

This award recognises remarkable women in the business world who are breaking boundaries and achieving significant milestones in their careers. It is open to business leaders who demonstrate qualities such as vision, innovation, and leadership.

Entrants will have made notable contributions to their field and inspired others with their achievements.


Woman with edge

This award is open to women who are excelling in their careers and making a difference beyond traditional boundaries.

We’re looking for nominees who are actively involved in their communities, have initiated impactful programmes, or have undertaken innovative and unique projects. This award celebrates women that challenge the status quo.


Emmeline Pankhurst Woman of Achievement Award

The award celebrates women or groups of women who have achieved remarkable milestones, fostering positive change over a significant period. Honouring those whose contributions have genuinely impacted lives, this award is presented to women who have strived in the face of adversity to make a lasting difference.

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