Nominations 2021

Nominations for the Business Woman of the Year Award 2020 open in spring!

Thank you to everyone who nominated or submitted an application last year.

Entries are now open for the Business Woman of the Year Award and Woman with Edge Award which, as always are expected to attract strong candidates from across the UK. Previous winners of these prestigious titles, have been women of huge talent and skill who are also determined to further raise the profile of their peers to a wider audience and in fact, three of our former winners have gone on to be named in the Honours list to recognise their entrepreneurial success.

Nominations can be sent for entrepreneurs or members of an organisation’s senior management team from all industries and from the private and public sectors. Colleagues, clients, family and friends can send in nominations or candidates can nominate themselves.

The winner of the Business Woman of the Year and Woman with Edge 2021 titles will have made a major contribution to the financial success and performance of an organisation and the judging panel will assess their different skills, abilities, influences and achievements.

Nominations close on Friday, 4th June 2021!

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